Good maintenance is the key to avoiding breakdowns but some are also due to driver error. Make sure your not one of the many who fall foul of these common breakdowns.

1, Fuel problems

More than 150,000 motorists a year breakdown because they have filled up with the wrong type of petrol. Whether it’s diesel into a petrol car of petrol into a diesel car make sure you’re not one of the many who come to a stop at the side of the road and make that embarrassing call.

It’s not only the wrong fuel but you also need to make sure you have petrol in the car. Empty tanks cost a lot of time and money along with the inconvenience. Make sure you take heed of your cars low-fuel warning light.

2, Flat or Faulty battery

If you carry out a lot of short journeys then you stand a much higher chance of your car battery running out of power. This is because it doesn’t have enough time to re-charge. Be sure to give your car a good run in between your shorter journeys to keep it charging itself.

You will also need to make sure that the connections to the battery are clean and fitted properly. At every service make sure they are checked and the connections are protected from corrosion. We can also run a battery health check for you, just ask next time you visit for an MOT or Service.

3, Flat or damaged tyres

Tyre pressures must be kept at the recommended pressure to ensure that tyre lasts as long as possible and to make sure your car is running as safely as possible.

Make sure tread depth is even across all tyres and all areas of the tyre. You can have lots of tread on the outside of the wheel but little on the inside which could be running illegally.

One thing not to forget, if you have one, is to make sure your spare tyre, jack and locking wheel nut are all in place and suitably fit for purpose.

4, Starter Motor

The starter motor is rather robust but these are instances where it can fail. We will make sure your starter motor is working properly when you bring your car in for a service.

5, Alternator Faults  

Once again this is something which you can’t properly check yourself but it may be caused by a number of things.

The key signs to look out for are the engine warning light coming on, a rise in engine temperature, persistent battery problems and dim headlights when the car is idling.

6, Spark Plugs

Spark plugs need to be replaced at the manufacturers recommended service intervals to ensure they’re kept in working order. We will always change the spark plugs when they are due in a service.