Winter is on the horizon, is your car ready?

With the weather on the turn and leaves lining the roads it’s now an important time to check your car is in full working order. There are numerous things which can be affected by the cold weather and below we have the 7 most important and frequently affected parts which need to be checked.

10 tips to save money on fuel

Take a look at our top ten hints and tips on how to save money on your fuel. There are obvious ones and ones that may make you think, but they’re all there to save you money.

5 Reasons you fail your MOT test

40% of MOT’s fail on their first attempt because of problems that could be rectified before the test. Some of these are DIY solutions, some you may need a mechanic but to save you the hassle of arranging an MOT re-test these are the main reasons cars can fail the test.

Air Conditioning Servicing

Just like any other part of your car your air conditioning and climate control needs to be looked after in order to keep it working to it’s best capacity.

Our New Website

We have launched our new website which we hope will give you more information about our garage, more information about the service we can provide and what we can help you with. Whether it's information about a service, MOT or a repair to your car, truck or van you...