Just like any other part of your car your air conditioning and climate control needs to be looked after in order to keep it working to it’s best capacity.

Manufacturers  suggest that you recharge your air conditioning gas and lubricant every 2 years. This is because over a period of a year your air conditioning will lose 10% of it’s gas permeates. This will affect not only the temperature of the air coming from the system but also the quality of the air.

air conditioning servicing yorkIf you have any unpleasant odours coming from your air conditioning whether it’s blowing hot or cold, our air conditioning re-charge, with an antibacterial system de-bug included will eradicate the issue.

Naturally you will use the air conditioning more over the summer months but it will also have an effect over the winter months. A fully charged air conditioning unit, when blowing hot, produces dry warm air rather than humid air from the outside environment which helps with de-misting the car widows. Re-filing your air conditioning will also lower the level of strain it puts on your engine and it’s fuel consumption.

The whole process takes under an hour so whether it’s a specific problem with the air conditioning or you feel that it hasn’t been topped up in 2 years and you would like it adding to your service, MOT or repair contact us to discuss getting booked in.