With the weather on the turn and leaves lining the roads it’s now an important time to check your car is in full working order. There are numerous things which can be affected by the cold weather and below we have the 7 most important and frequently affected parts which need to be checked.


Check your coolant levels regularly and top up with the correct mixture and type of antifreeze. If you are uncertain about antifreeze, we can help you check and fill up with the correct product.


With the nights drawing in it is very important to make sure all lights are working, to keep them clean and to make sure you have a spare in the car.

TyresTyre Depth Gauge

The roads will be wetter, slippery and pot holes will become worse over the winter months. The more tread you have on your tyres to redirect the water away from them the safer you will be. Although legally you need at least 1.6mm of tread on your tyres, it is highly recommended that you have at least 4mm if not more. Contact us to discuss your tyre needs.


Always have enough fuel for your journey and some extra in case of traffic or diversions. You don’t want to be on the hard shoulder with weather like this!


The flies have gone but the mud and spray has come back and with it the importance to keep you screenwash topped up, if you are having problems with the direction of your washers or leaks, pop in and we’ll sort it for you.

Batterybattery icon

One of the most common causes of a winter breakdown, a flat battery. With heaters and lights on more frequently your battery will be used more in the winter and therefore it can fault more often. If your battery is over five years old it is much more likely to be faulty. We check this on our FREE 35 point winter health check.


With foggy mornings, a low sun in the sky and spray coming from the roads your visibility is more impaired in the winter and therefore you need to have clear windscreens and fully functioning wiper blades. They can be cheap to buy and make the world of difference in bad weather conditions!

These are all areas that we cover with our free winter health check. We can carry out a 35 point check on your car so that when you are driving in bad weather you can sure that your car is safe to drive.

We check many areas of your car and when we have compiled our report we will present it to you with how things can be rectified however this is a no obligation process so you are not signing up to have all items corrected automatically.

Pop us a call on 01423 359929 to get yourself booked in.